Easy Chequerboard Quilt Combines 2 Easy Blocks You Already Know


The Crafts Channel / YouTube


The Chequerboard

The most beautiful quilts sometimes come with next to no effort. This is one of those quilts, and I’m absolutely in love with it. The Crafts Channel┬ámakes this beauty in one of their video tutorials.


This quilt is so easy, theres almost no need for a tutorial. With two simple blocks you already know how to do, this quilt comes together in an instant.

Wanna get started on your own? Here’s how.

Making The Block

The finished block is comprised of two simple blocks you definitely already know how to do. It may look intricate from afar, but once you learn the basics, it’s one of the easiest quilts you can make.

One of the two blocks used to make this quilt is a simple half square triangle, perhaps one of the easiest blocks in existence. You can speed up the process by making 4 half square triangles at once.

Stack two squares of fabric right sides together, then draw two diagonal lines to form an “X” in the middle. From here, sew on either side of those diagonal lines, then cut along the lines and press open.

There you have it: 4 half square triangles done in the blink of an eye! Now, let’s move on to the second block that forms this pattern: a simple 4-square checker.

To make this, just sew together 4 little squares that form a checkerboard pattern. Then comes perhaps the most important part— arranging the final block.

Use 4 half square triangles to form a diamond in the middle. Surrounding that is the checkerboards, leaving the corners open for more half square triangles.

For more tips and tricks, watch The Crafts Channel‘s video below and then you can get started on your own.

Happy Quilting!