Easy Cat Makeup Is The “Purrfect” Last-Minute Halloween Costume


Danielle Mansutti / YouTube


Trying to figure out what to be for Halloween? When all else fails, be a cat!


Being a cat for Halloween is perfect for when you’re on a budget or short on time. For the costume, all you have to do is wear all black. Buy a pair of ears for a couple of dollars, then it’s all in the makeup.

Obviously when it comes to the makeup, you can do whatever floats your boat. I find the most important elements of any cat look are the cat eye, the nose, the whiskers, and the bold lip.

To fit in with her black cat theme, YouTuber Danielle Mansutti¬†went with a dark, cool-toned eye and a bold black lip. Don’t let the colors scare you– pulling off this look is easy, especially for Halloween!

To do this look, do your regular face and eyebrow routine. For the eyes, Danielle goes for a dark cut crease with a ton of glitter.

Here’s a tip if a cut crease scares you: cut the crease with some concealer, and then top that with your lid shade. It’ll instantly look like you took a ton of time to do it.

Then, put on some heavy winged eyeliner and make sure to make your bottom lash line just as dramatic.

As for the nose, make it black with a little M-shape, and fill it in. Then add your whiskers and a black lip and you’re done!

Check out Danielle’s video below for more in-depth instructions, then give it a try yourself!

With this costume, your Halloween is sure to be “purrfect.”