Easily Transform A Glass Bottle Into A Stylish Lamp


Shake the Future / YouTube


Building a lamp may not have been on your radar before, but sometimes, the perfect lamp really pulls together a room in ways that nothing else does.

So why not build your own and have that room looking exactly how you want it?


In order to build a lamp from scratch, you really don’t need as many things as you’d probably think.

First, you’ll want to get a bottle that will be able to fit in a lamp kit and hold a light bulb fixture in the top. You’ll also probably want it to be thick glass for durability.

You’ll want to buy a lamp kit as well. You can usually buy a lamp kit at a hardware store or even a Target or Walmart. If the kit doesn’t come with a lampshade, you’ll also want to get one of those.

To decorate the inside of the bottle and conceal the cord, you’ll want some stones or sand or something to fill it with. If they match the lampshade, even better.

Stick your glass bottle into some cold water and drill a hole in the side for the cord to come out. Then, set up your lamp kit according to instructions given.

Pull the cord through, then fill up your bottle with whatever decoration you’d like, then add your light bulb fixture, bulb, and shade, and you’re done!

Check out Shake the Future‘s video down below to learn more!

What will you use to make yours?