Double Disappearing 9-Patches Are The Most Versatile Quilt Block Ever


Teresa DownUnder / YouTube


There are very few blocks I’ve made in the past that are as versatile as this one is. It’s incredibly simple to put together, and the possibilities you get out of it are endless.

Here’s how you do it.


To start this quilt, make some regular 9-patch blocks. In white or solid fabric, cut eight 5 inch squares, and in color, cut ten 5 inch squares. This makes 2 blocks. Sew together into the 9-patch.

Then, cut 2.5 strips off of each side. Swap the strips from one colored block to another colored block.

Sew it together and trim off excess fabric. Slice the block in half both ways, dividing it into quarters. Flip two of the adjacent corners so the center of the piece is now the corner. Stitch it all together.

Then your block is done! 

With just a couple of stitches and cuts, you’ll have the most unique looking block. The quilt can be arranged in so many different ways. With one block, you can have dozens of different finished products!

How are you going to arrange yours?