Don’t Buy An Expensive Tufted Headboard— DIY An Easy $30 Version


Haley's Corner / YouTube


Headboards are expensive. Tufted headboards are some of the most expensive headboards on the market. There are some going for almost a thousand dollars.

When I move into my new place, I figured I’d skip a headboard once again. After finding this tutorial, I realized I was wrong.


Haley with YouTube channel Haley’s Corner makes a tufted headboard out of some dollar store poster board, quilt stuffing, buttons, and fabric.

She uses scissors to get her desired shape, and some tape, hot glue, and staples to hold it all together. She sews the buttons to the board, and to mount it to the wall, she uses command strips!

First, she takes the foam poster boards, cuts them to her desired size, and tapes them together to make the headboard base.

Then she staples quilt stuffing on the boards, being sure to pull it tightly around the board as she staples. She adds her fabric to the board, sews on her buttons, and mounts it to the wall. That’s it!

Surprisingly, the end result is super sturdy and looks like one of the super expensive options I saw online. The whole thing costs less than $30 to make! I can’t wait to make this DIY. Thanks, Haley!

Are you planning on making this super cute headboard? Be sure to show us how it turns out, and share this with your friends so they can do it too!