Dollar Store Wall Sconces Instantly Add Class To Any Room


Beauty Meets DIY / YouTube


Wall sconces are such simple pieces, but they’re super expensive. Plain ones are upwards of $40 a piece, and no matter how cute they are, I’ve never been able to justify spending the money on them.

When I saw a tutorial for dollar store wall sconces, I was so excited. Not only could I have the wall sconces I’ve always wanted, but I barely had to spend any money! 


Here are the items you’ll need to get this done. Most of them can be found at the dollar store:

  • 2 plastic wine glasses
  • Large plastic salad tosser (fork & spoon)
  • 2 LED tea light candles (real tea lights will melt the plastic)
  • 2 small mirrors
  • Plastic napkin ring holders
  • Diamond wrap
  • Command strips
  • Hot glue & hot glue gun
  • Hot knife
  • E-6000 glue

First, use your hot knife to cut the stems off of your wine glasses. You can either discard the bottom piece or use it for another project.

Next, cut the handles off of the fork and spoon set. Make sure the handles are the same height when you do this. You can either discard the heads of these utensils, or use them for another project.

Glue the salad tosser handles to the wine glass heads using both E6000 and hot glue. Then use your diamond wrap (or any other wrap of your choice,) to cover where the two are glued together. This will give it a more seamless appearance.

Place a napkin holder in the center of one of your mirrors and glue it in place with the glue of your choice. Beauty Meets DIY, who made this tutorial, suggests using both E6000 and hot glue for everything.

Once that dries, attach your wine glass/salad tosser handle to the napkin ring holder. Then decorate with diamond wrap or whatever else you see fit.

Attach the wall sconces to the wall using your command strips. Once you add your LED tea lights, you’re done!

These wall sconces look so expensive, but they only cost a few dollars. I love what they add to my hallway, and I’m sure you’ll love what they do for your wall, too!