Does Mom Have A Green Thumb? Add To Her Garden With This Keepsake Pot


The Crazy Craft Lady / YouTube


Mother’s Day is getting closer and closer. It’s only a couple of days away now, and there are plenty of people rushing to get a gift in time.

If your mom has a garden and you’re still thinking of a gift, a custom flower pot is a great DIY project to give to her.


All you’ll need to make this adorable little gift are:

Miss PlanIt / YouTube
  • A terracotta pot
  • A plant and soil
  • Paint in the color of your choice
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge brush
  • Pot decorations such as fake flowers, lace trim, decals, etc.
  • Photo(s) of your choice

First, paint your pot the color of your choice. Once it’s dry, use mod podge to stick your photo(s) to your pot and seal it down with another layer of mod podge.

Then you can decorate your pot however you like with the fake flowers, trim, decals, or whatever else you have. Once everything is dry, you can put your soil and plant in, and voila! You’re done!

I can’t wait to see how all of your DIY gifts turn out. Happy Mother’s Day!