Do Easy Deer Makeup For An Quick & Free Halloween Costume


TheMakeupChair / YouTube


Halloween and you’re still in need of a costume? Oh “deer”!

You still have some time before you need to head out to that Halloween party, so that means you can make yourself a costume.


No, I’m not talking about sewing a whole ensemble, but there are some great makeup ideas that you can use! One of those happens to be a deer, and I’m going to teach you how to get the look.

In addition to some possible antlers and a beigey-brown shirt, you’ll need to cover your face in a full coverage foundation. Then, it’s all about the contouring and highlighting to the extreme.

Underneath your eyes, around your nose (not the bridge though), down toward the lip, and chin, you’ll want to use a light concealer to brighten those areas. You can also highlight the inner portion of your eyes.

A little higher than you usually would, use a darker cream shade to contour your cheekbones, your hairline, and underneath your mouth and nose.

Blend everything out, then repeat the same process with powder versions of the same color.

Fill in your eyebrows however you’d like, and create a dramatic inner and outer corner of your eyes with eyeliner. Add your mascara and fake eyelashes if you’d like.

Contour your nose very dramatically, leaving the tip pretty open. Then line your lips however you’d like: brown, black, one lip dark and one light, it’s up to you!

Now on to the nose. Draw this using a pinky-brown and go over it with a black, then smudge it out. The nose should have an M- shape.

Now for your dots: use a white cream to add some messy dots all over the brown parts and seal it in with white powder. Highlight your face with a shimmery powder wherever you see fit.

If you want, you can follow the same technique on your body as well… or you can wear a beige shirt like I’m going to do, because I’m lazy.

And that’s it, you’re done, and it didn’t cost you a cent!

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?