DIY Bottle Christmas Tree Luminary

Learn to make a DIY Bottle Christmas tree from glass water bottles

I drink a lot of Perrier Water and it comes in beautiful bottles, so I am always on the lookout for a cute DIY using these old Perrier bottles, so when I saw this wonderful tutorial on Youtube I realized that I could use these wonderful Perrier Water bottles to make this DIY Christmas Tree. I started by removing the labels from all my small single-serving Perrier bottles.

Learn to make a Perrier Bottle Luminary


Then I got a piece of wood from Lowes in the shape of a circle, then I used a ruler and pencil to strategically make my bottle placements.

Try this recycled upcycled Perrier Bottle Luminary

Then I went into the garage and put a 5/8 inch Spade bit on my drill and started making my holes.

Recycle and upcycle old Perrier Bottles to make this beautiful Christmas Luminary

I cut dowling to go in all the holes and then spray painted the whole thing gold, then added my Perrier bottles.

Learn to recycle your old Perrier bottles and make a DIY Christmas Luminary

I then simply placed the Perrier bottles on the dowel pieces I had mounted in the wooden circle. I put small tea light candles on top of the bottles. I couldn’t wait to display the beautiful luminary I made at my office Christmas party! We were having a buffet-style potluck feast and I was in charge of making the table centerpiece, so what could be a better idea than putting this centerpiece in the middle of my coworker’s table because they were all drinking Perrier all day long and often complained about the recycling dilemma they were creating. I laid out a small bed of fake snow and put the Perrier Bottle luminary in the middle, with some Christmas ornaments around it and you should have seen the looks on their faces. They all were in complete awe, they loved it.

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