DIY Peel-Off Mask Leaves Your Skin Feeling Baby-Smooth


keisanista88 / YouTube

keishanista88 / YouTube

There’s nothing worse than when your skin is clogged, dirty, and disgusting. I feel dirtier overall, and I don’t feel like I’m putting my best face forward.


Because of this, I’m taking more time caring for my skin. Once or twice a week, I dedicate some of my time to getting all the gunk out of my pores.

How, you ask? Well, with an at-home facial, of course. With just a few ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, you can make a peel-off mask that does a ton for you skin.

Here’s what you’ll need, and what each ingredient does:

  • unflavored gelatin: this is what grabs on to the nasty stuff in your pores and “rips” them out. Mixed with the milk, it forms a paste that adheres to the skin.
  • milk of choice: depending on what milk you use, this has moisturizing and calming properties. It also forms the paste that acts as the main base of the mask.
  • honey: honey has antibacterial properties as well as humectant properties– meaning it will cleanse the skin all the while keeping moisture within the surface layers.
  • tea tree oil: much like honey, tea tree oil has properties that are antibacterial. In addition, it helps balance oil production in the skin and gives the skin a nice cooling feeling.

For exact amounts used, watch the video below. Just make sure to form a paste that is mid-thickness, and only use 2-4 drops of the tea tree oil.

Now, using a brush or your hands, apply the mask to your skin.This should take 20-30 minutes to dry down. Once dry, start from the bottom of the face and begin to pull upwards.

keishanista88 / YouTube

Peel off the entirety of the mask, then wash your face and continue with any other steps in your skincare routine. You should notice how baby-smooth your face is!

Check out the video below for more on how this is done. Good luck!