DIY Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Shelves For Less Than Half The Price


Joanna Gaines / Facebook, The Daily DIYer / YouTube


Magnolia’s Impact

I’m obsessed with Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia products. They’re absolutely gorgeous and fit right in with my farmhouse style. The only downside to the pieces from this line is the price.


If you’ve got the extra cash to spend, that’s awesome and I’m incredibly jealous. If not, there’s always DIY, and you can start with these simple shelves to see if the Magnolia style is for you!

The Daily DIYer on YouTube shows us how to make these little reclaimed wood shelves that would usually cost $48 to buy. With this method, your shelves can be completely free!

How, you ask? They’re made from reclaimed wood, so if you have some wood to use (or know how to find some), you can use them to make these easy shelves!

Wanna make them yourself? I don’t blame you. Let’s get started!

How It’s Made

She begins with a piece of wood that is 3/4″ thick and 24″ long. As for the width, that’s up to you, but just know your little shelf will have to have the same width.

If you’d like, you can trim off a small piece of your original piece of wood to make the shelf instead of grabbing an additional piece. 

Now that you have your pieces of wood, you’ll need to sand them to remove any rough patches or splinters. You can also stain these pieces to match your decor if necessary.

After thoroughly sanding and staining the piece to your liking, use wood glue to secure your shelf on to the other piece of wood. From here, nail the wood into the shelf piece from the backside.

For the rest of the instructions needed to make these shelves, watch the video tutorial below. Then you can get started on your own.

Happy building!