How To Make A Gift Bag From Wrapping Paper

Learn to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper

I love giving gifts in gift bags during the holiday season, but they can get expensive. I always save and reuse all the gift bags I come across, but I inevitably run out. When I found this tutorial on how to turn ordinary wrapping paper into a gift bag I was so pleased, because all my kids were having separate Christmas parties, which meant separate party favors and gifts for three sets of kids. I wanted to have all these bags made so I could just hand them to my kids and let them label them and fill them up with whatever they wanted to go to each different person. I started by getting a large piece of wrapping paper and folding it in half and then folding the sides into the center crease.


DIY gift bag for Christmas out of ordinary wrapping paper

Then I just folded the bottom like a normal square bag.

Learn to make a cheap gift bag out of wrapping paper

Then I put a piece of cardboard at the bottom to reinforce the strength of the bag and to hold everything in place.

Make a cheap and easy gift bag from wrapping paper

Then you just add your gift and fold over at the top, I punched holes in the fold to add a ribbon, but it would certainly be ok to tape this up and let it fly. My kids loved them and it was great that they all got to take charge of their gifts to friends and teachers. They all filled them excitedly with candy and homemade ornaments for their friends and teachers and couldn’t wait to take them to the many Christmas parties they were having at school.

Learn To Make A Christmas Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper