DIY Farmhouse Decor Perfect For Valentine’s Day


Sarah D'Atri / YouTube


Filling Your House With Love

Farmhouse decor is perfect for any holiday. What’s better than holiday decor with a country twist? Nothing I tell you, nothing. Especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day!


Not a lot of people decorate for Valentine’s Day and I think that’s a real travesty. I mean, who wouldn’t want to decorate to celebrate love? I think everyone should do it, especially when it’s so easy.

These DIYs by YouTuber Sarah D’Atri may look simple, but they add a ton of character to a house celebrating Valentine’s Day.

DIY Ideas

What I love the most about these DIYs is how easy they are to achieve. Not only do they fit in with rustic or farmhouse decor, but you won’t pay a pretty penny getting them made.

There are multiple DIYs included in this video, including a hanging garlands and a wreath. All three are done in a flash, too, making them great for smaller holidays like Valentine’s Day.

The first garland DIY is a banner garland, and it looks gorgeous on a mantlepiece. All you’ll need is some ribbon, a string, some glue, some scissors, and a ruler.

Cut the ribbon like Sarah shows, and hot glue on the hearts and the folded ribbon. Hang it up and you’re done!

The wreath DIY is even easier. Grab a twig wreath from the craft store and hot glue some springy pink flowers on to it. That’s it!

To learn how to do the rest of the DIYs, watch Sarah’s video down below and get started on your DIYs!

Have fun and good luck!