DIY Double Oven Mitt Blocks Big Meals From Burning You


Debbie Shore / YouTube


Nothing’s worse than putting something delicious in the oven, waiting for the timer to finally sound, and then realizing you need two oven mitts to lift out that large dish, but you can only find one.

You know what happens next. You scramble for a kitchen towel, awkwardly wrap it around the edges of the pan, and then try to lift it out of the oven without getting burned, sometimes failing at that task.


If you can manage to keep it in one place, there’s an item you can make that will solve that problem forever: a double oven mitt.

Basically, it’s one long oven mitt with two openings for the hands. Even if you don’t need one, this double pot holder is the perfect DIY gift idea for the cooking enthusiast in your life.

All you’ll need is two pieces of fabric at 7″ x 34″, and two types of batting: thermal batting and cotton batting. Not only do you use minimal supplies, but it’s a great way to practice rounded corners!

Watch how Crafty Gemini Creates makes this clever double oven mitt, so you can make one just in time for those hot fall meals!


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