DIY Dollar Store Decor Can Make Anyone Look Rich


Nava Rose / YouTube


Ballin’ On A Budget

When it comes to decorating, it’s always difficult to stay within a budget. You want your space to look cozy and expressive, but that can cost some money, especially if you have expensive taste.


That is, unless you’re smart at the dollar store. You can look like you have a ton of designer items in your home, using stuff you found at the dollar store. 

Not only that, but it’s so easy to do. I found 5 DIY ideas from YouTuber Nava Rose, and they’re genius. She’s known on her channel for having a ton of these DIY ideas, so anyone can look rich!

Wanna do some yourself? Let’s get started!

“Designer” Candles

Nava Rose / YouTube

This DIY really is one of the easiest I’ve ever done. Just print out your label on your computer, glue it to your candle, then put some wax paper on top and blow dry for a while to melt the wax.

Once you take this off, it’ll look like the label is actually in the candle!

Faux Marble Tray

Nava Rose / YouTube

This one is super simple, too. Just take a dollar store picture frame and paint the frame gold. Then, print out a photo of marble that fits the frame.

Add some gold paint if you’d like, stick it in the frame, and you’re done!

Mirrored Tissue Box

Nava Rose / YouTube

Get yourself some tissues, a cardboard box, some rhinestone trim, and a mirror. Cut a hold for your tissues in your box, then paint your box silver.

Break the mirror, being careful not to hurt yourself, and glue it on to the box. Add your rhinestone trim. Then, add your tissues to the box, and you’re done.

Rope Quote

Nava Rose / YouTube

All you’ll need for this is some dollar store rope, some paint, some hot glue, and some plastic wrap. Use the rope to create a quote and glue it into place. Use a bit of glue to glue it to some plastic wrap.

The plastic wrap will keep it in place while it dries, because the way it dries will be the way it ends up looking. Spray paint it, and once it’s dried, hang it up!

“Designer” Vase & Flower Arrangement

Nava Rose / YouTube

This is one of the easiest DIYs ever. Just grab a glass vase, some duct tape, print out a designer label, and buy some fake flowers from the dollar store.

Use the duct tape to stick the label down to the vase, trimming away the excess. Add your flowers, and you’re finished!


Watch the video down below for more in-depth tutorials for each DIY. Which DIY is your favorite?


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