DIY Christmas Presents People Will Actually Like


JENerationDIY / YouTube


DIY Your Christmas Gifts This Year

When the Christmas season comes, there’s that necessity to buy presents for your loved ones. Whether you’re on a budget, want something unique, or just love making things, these DIY gifts are perfect.

Jen from JENeration DIY creates 3 main DIYs with a ton of variations: rings, candles, and a t-shirt inspired by the TV show Friends.



If you want to make a ring (or multiple rings) for someone, all you need to do is bend some wire! You can create any design you want from scratch. Jen shows you how to make a few different ones.

Whether you want to add some sort of stone, or if you want to bend the wire to create a design like a wave or a letter, it’s really easy to do. Make a few, and it’s an adorable gift!


Jen shows a couple versions of candles: a pillar candle with the print of your choice, and a poured candle in a glass jar with a cute label. Candles make great gifts if you don’t know what someone is into.

Just choose a few personalized touches like Jen shows you, and it’s ready to give!

Pop Culture-Inspired Shirt 

Take a plain T-Shirt and decorate it with something they love. Jen does one inspired by Friends, but any sort of design works. Just trace it out beforehand, and then finish it up with fabric paint.

You can take a look at Jen’s method in the video below, but it’s beyond easy!


Which gift are you going to make?