Make DIY Christmas Ornaments For Outdoor Decor

Learn to make DIY Giant Christmas Ball Ornaments

There are literally millions of used for beach balls, I buy at least 25 from Dollar Tree at the beginning of the Summer. So I was delighted when I found this Youtube video tutorial on turning all those beach balls into DIY Craft Giant Christmas Ball Ornaments for my outdoor Christmas Decor. This project idea set me off into an entire Outdoor Candy Land Theme for my yard this Christmas Season. Did I mention the neighborhood Christmas Decor Contest this year? Oh, yes my friends, I was going to win. I started by getting all my materials together: I already had my large assortment of plastic beach balls, so I just needed a pint-sized deli container, coat hanger or bailing wire, waterproof silicone glue, spray paint, garden hook, and an art knife. All and all the materials cost me less than twenty dollars because I already had a lot of beach balls.


Learn to make DIY Giant Yard Christmas Ball Ornaments

Then I took my small deli container, that I got free at the olive bar at Central Market, and poked holes in each side and attached mt big round wire into each hole, then spray painted the entire ornament top silver.

Try this quick easy cheap DIY giant ball ornaments for outdoor Christmas Decor

Then I put silicone glue around the circumference of the deli container (now a Christmas Ornament Top) and stuck it to the beach ball. This project could not get any more perfect and easy!

Learn this cheap easy beach ball DIY Christmas Decoration

I did this to all my beach balls and hung them on a long twine rope across my front porch. They looked perfect with my Candy Land themed Yard, but I didn’t win, my neighbor who had made an Army Of Arc Angels won, and she deserved to win. I got second place and that’s good enough for me. All the neighbors loved it.

Giant Christmas Ornaments