DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath

DIY Christmas Decorations Cheap - How to Make a Christmas Ornament Wreath

Image: Nancy Kaye Creations On Etsy


I love red Christmas Ornaments, so when I saw this DIY Ball Wreath I fell in love. When they said it was going to be cheap and easy, boy did they mean cheap and easy! Seriously, this is the kind of DIY project where you get a coat hanger and add whatever you have, a few sprigs of greenery, a bow, some glittery letters, and Christmas balls, really whatever you fancy will work perfectly for this awesome DIY Christmas Ball Wreath. You will need a pair of plyers and a hot glue gun, no getting around this I’m afraid. If you bought all these items from Walmart the total would be around Eighteen Dollars.


Cheap DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath

So first I undid my wire hanger and shaped into the round shape of a Christmas Wreath. Then I added all the beautiful red ornaments. No hot glue necessary, I just strung them on the coat hanger wire, like I was stringing a necklace.

 DIY Christmas Ball Coat Hanger Wreath

Then after you’ve put all the ornaments on the coat hanger wire, you fasten the coat hanger back to the way it was in its former life of hanging coats. Now you get that hot glue gun out and start hot gluing to your heart’s content. Whatever you put on it, try to cover the hanger part so it’s not visible.

Instructions for a cheap easy DIY Ball Wreath For Christmas

This is a super project and I know almost everyone out there is going to be able to make one of these from old repurposed/ upcycled relics you already have laying around. This looks fabulous and expensive, you have to try it.

DIY Christmas Ball Wreath