DIY Candy Cane Solar Christmas Luminaries

Learn to make Candy Cain Solar Light Poles for your Christmas lawn decor

There are literally millions of used for PVC Pipe, I buy a lot from Home Depot at the beginning of the holiday season, so I was delighted when I found this Youtube video tutorial on turning all those PVC Pipes into DIY Craft Giant Solar Candy Canes for my outdoor Christmas Decor. This project idea set me off into an entire Outdoor Candy Land Theme for my yard this Christmas Season. I saw these fantastic DIY Solar Candy Cane Pole Lights idea on the Hallmark Channel the other day and I knew I had to make some because I went for an entire Candy land theme this year for my front lawn Christmas Decor. Did I mention the neighborhood Christmas Decor Contest this year? Oh, yes my friends, I was going to win. I started by wrapping my white PVC Pipe and then striping them (wrapping brightly colored (red looks best, but candy canes come in all colors) duct tape around the PVC Pipe to resemble a candy stripe).


Try this fun cheap DIY Solar Luminary Project

Then your simply place your Solar Garden Light from Lowes into the top opening of your PVC Pipe Candy Cane and start decorating!

Learn the steps in making a DIY Candy Cane Solar PVC DIY Luminary

If you want to take it a step further and make it look like a real bonified lollipop, just cover your Candy Cane with cellophane and tie up with some string. These were so cute in my Candy Land themed Yard, but I didn’t win, my neighbor who had made an Army Of Arc Angels won, and she deserved to win. I got second place and that’s good enough for me. All the neighbors loved it.


DIY Candy Cain Solar Christmas Luminaries


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