DIY Bench Was Built With $15 In Fifteen Minutes


The Rehab Life / YouTube


Everyone could use a cute little bench in their home. Whether it’s in your entryway or at the end of your bed, it ends up looking super cute and adds a ton of storage, seating, and personality.

For your reference, the dimensions of this bench are 48″ length, 17″ height, and 14 1/2″ depth. Before you build this bench, here’s what you’ll need to get it done:

  • one 8 foot long 2″x4″
  • one 8 foot long 2″x8″
  • 2 1/2″ construction screws
  • sanding block
  • drill
  • saw (or have your local hardware store cut these pieces for you)

Let’s get to building! This is probably the easiest wood working project you’ll ever do. To begin, you’ll have to cut up your wood pieces.

First, cut the 8 foot 2″x8″ in half to create two equal pieces– 4ft each, still 2″x8″. Then, measure and cut your 8 foot 2″x4″ into 8 pieces:

  • four pieces 15 1/2″ long
  • four pieces 8″ long

Now you should have ready-to-build pieces that look like this:

The Rehab Life / YouTube

Next, take two 8″ pieces and two 15 1/2″ pieces and arrange them into a rectangle, with the 15 1/2″ pieces as the length and the 8″ portions as the width.

Secure them using your 2 1/2″ screws, pre-drilling the holes to make it easier. Now you have one of the legs done. Repeat this process with the remaining 2″x4″s.

Lay your 2″x8″s side by side, making sure they’re flush. Now place a leg on each end and center the legs so there’s a 1 3/4″ overhang on both sides. Secure with 4 screws per side of each leg.

Flip it over and sand it down thoroughly. Now your bench is done and ready to decorate! 

The Rehab Life / YouTube