DIY Bandana Art Is The Most Stunning Wall Decor You’ll Ever Own


Bandana Art

Do you have a room that needs a little flair on the walls? Don’t have a ton of money but need to decorate? If you’ve got some bandanas and some embroidery hoops, then you’re set.


Seriously, you can make the easiest art ever just with those two things. You won’t even believe how fast it is either. Just put the bandana in the embroidery hoop like you would a normal piece of fabric.

The trick is trying to get it in a spot that highlights the pattern of the fabric. From there, you’re done. Really, that’s it. If you want to extend it even further, you can embroider this fabric with something on top.

Personalize It

You could even add a patch to this if you want to. From plain bandana to something more, it’s such a simple craft to do. It may be the easiest craft you’ll ever do, in fact.

Once you’ve finished the art, trim off the excess bandana and it’s ready to hang. It’s definitely an eye-catching piece, and you’ll get questions on how you did it!

Watch the YouTube video below to get a better idea of how to do it. Then you can hang up as many as you’d like. Bring on the compliments!


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