Diamond Dreams Quilt Is So Easy, You Could Do It In Your Sleep


Man Sewing / YouTube


Simple Diamonds

Looking for a super simple project that gives an extraordinary impact once it’s all put together? Then this easy diamond quilt is the one for you.


I couldn’t believe how simple this quilt top was when I saw the finished product. It looks so much more complicated than it actually is, so you get a great result with next to no effort.

Rob Appell from Man Sewing gets this done in one of his video tutorials, and he proves once again that a beautifully stunning project doesn’t have to take a ton of time and effort.

Basically, this quilt is called “Diamond Dreams” for a reason. It’s a dream to look at, and it’s even more of a dream to sew!

How To Sew It

Believe it or not, the entirety of this quilt top is half square triangles. Seriously, thats it. If you know how to make half square triangles, then you know how to make this quilt.

For an easy way to make multiple half square triangles at once, stack two different colored squares of fabric on top of one another. Then, draw two diagonal lines to form an X.

Sew on each side of each of the diagonal lines, then cut along the drawn lines. Unfold and press, and boom! 4 half square triangles done in a flash.

Once you get all of the half square triangles ready, you can arrange them to make the final quilt top. Basically, just make all of the same colors face inward to make a diamond shape.

It really is that easy! Just watch Rob Appell’s tutorial below for some more easy tips and tricks on making this quilt!

Happy Quilting!