“Devil’s Dentures” Are The Spookiest Appetizer You’ll Ever Serve


Food Wishes / YouTube


Chef John from foodwishes.com is at it again with another amazing Halloween recipe. These are called “Devil’s Dentures” and they’re super easy to make.

Not only that, but the video tutorial below that accompanies it is hysterical. Here’s a run-down on how to create Chef John’s kooky concoction.


All you’ll need to make this is:

  • Red delicious apples
  • Slivered almonds
  • Honey, strawberry sauce, or something else for drizzle

The trick for getting this right is how you slice the apples. You’ll need a sharp knife and the right angle for your cuts. If you do it how Chef John instructs, you’ll have one sturdy piece of apple for the mouth.

Using that same knife, create some little offset holes for the almond slivers. The jagged shapes and sizes make for some creepy teeth, and if you toast the almonds, it can give a creepy, dirty effect to it.

As for the drizzle, you have some options. For a drooly sort of look, use a drizzle of honey over the teeth to give it a wet look.

For some blood, strawberry or raspberry sauce works well. There are a ton of other options you could go with depending on what you’re trying to make it look like.

If you serve these at your Halloween party, you’re definitely going to get some compliments for it, because not only do they look creepy, they taste amazing!

Happy Halloween!