Destroy All Of Your Aches & Pains By Sewing This Simple Solution


Alanda Craft / YouTube


The last time I visited my parent’s, I used one of their rice heating bags, and I decided I needed one too. I found a tutorial, and now I’m in love.

These are super simple to make and work wonders for helping aches and pains or just keeping you warm. After under a minute in the microwave, you’ll get up to an hour of safe, warm heat.


They come without the dangers inherent in electric heating pads: burns, fires and electrical shock. You can also freeze them for a pleasant cooling effect. You can also use them to absorb heat from a tea pot or sauce pan.

You can use any 10″x10″ fabric you’d like for this. Just don’t use anything with metal threads, unless you want a fireworks display in your microwave.

In addition to the fabric, you’ll need some rice and herbs of your choice. For a soothing pad, try lavender and/or eucalyptus. For a potholder, try some cloves and allspice to make the kitchen smell amazing.

All you need to do is put the two squares of fabric facing right sides together and stitch 3 sides, leaving one open. Trim excess fabric. Then stitch columns vertically from the opening, and be sure to backstitch as well to reinforce it.

Fill these columns with your rice and herbs, smacking it down on the table as you go so it’s packed tightly. Try doing this over a bowl so nothing spills. Stitch it shut and you’re done!

Watch how Alanda Craft makes these great heating packs in her step by step tutorial below so you can make all of those aches and pains vanish.