Deliciously Simple Caprese Salad Skewers Make The Best Appetizers


The Easiest Appetizer Ever

If there’s one thing I love, it’s caprese flavored anything. Caprese sandwiches, salads, and now… skewers! That’s right, all of the deliciousness of caprese on a cute little skewer. How easy!

It took no time at all to put this recipe together, so whether you’re having friends over, are cooking up a multi-course romantic meal, or just want a deliciously fancy snack, this is the recipe for you!


Now let’s get started. It’s super simple!

You will need:

  • 1 cup balsamic vinegar
  • cherry tomatoes
  • fresh basil
  • mozzarella cheese balls
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil
  • toothpicks or skewers


How It’s Done

Believe it or not, this really may be the easiest appetizer you will ever make. First, pour your balsamic vinegar into a sauce pot. Bring it to a boil over the stove, and wait until it thickens and reduces.

Once reduced, let the mixture cool. It’ll become a thick, sticky glaze perfect for your skewers. In the meantime, take your skewers and put on your tomatoes, basil, and cheese.

After those are skewered, add some olive oil, some salt & pepper, then drizzle on your thickened glaze. Then that’s it. They’re ready to serve!