Delicious Oven-Baked Ribs Prove Any Season Is Perfect For Baby Backs


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I Want My Baby Back Baby Back…

There’s nothing like a great rack of BBQ ribs. Usually, it’s a summer kind of food. Barbecuing or smoking the ribs outside can be freezing if the weather doesn’t permit it.


That’s why winter ribs are a thing. It’s incredibly similar to the ribs you’d make on the grill, but instead of using your grill or smoker, you’ll use your oven.

There are a few small differences in these methods of cooking ribs, but once you try them, winter ribs will have just as big of a place in your heart as any other rib recipe.

Chef John at Food Wishes is back with another recipe, this time for a great rack of winter ribs. Creating perfect clean off the bone ribs seems like it would be a challenge in the oven, but it’s Chef John’s forte.

Let’s Get Cookin’

Want to make them yourself? Here’s what you’re gonna need.


How It’s Done

For the best oven-baked ribs, you’ll want to treat it pretty similarly to grilling ribs. Start with a dry rub and some barbecue sauce, then bake them.

As you bake them, you’ll remove the ribs, baste them some more, and continue. Trust me, this turns out delicious.

Check out Food Wishes’ video below for the exact recipe, and click here for the ingredients.

You’re gonna love these, guaranteed.