Cute Sweater Dress Lets You Be Trendy Without The Bulk


Just J. / YouTube


A New Trend

Sweater dresses are a huge trend right now. I seem to see every girl everywhere wearing an oversized sweater as a dress.

I first saw Ariana Grande wearing this trend, and after that, it just blew up. I see it everywhere now, especially since it’s cold outside.


Get The Look

As cute as it is, it can also make people look a little bulky, so if you or someone you know wants to follow this trend, then what you’ve gotta do is sew the sweater to perfection.

Whether you want to tighten the dress a little or a lot, it’s pretty easy to do… just follow these instructions provided by Just J in the video below!

How You Do It

All you need to do is take it in a little bit. You can use another sweater for reference, or use measuring tape to get the measurements you want.

You’ll create some new stitches in the arm to bring that in a bit, as well as the sides of the sweater. You’ll be cutting apart your original sweater in the process, but I promise you it’s much easier than it sounds.

Just watch the video below and get started, put on your knee socks, and you’ll look cute all season long!