Curved Quilt Blocks Are Surprisingly Perfect For Beginners


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


Believe it or not, sewing a curved block doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with the right technique, it can be one of the easiest blocks you’ve ever stitched!


Not only is it easy, but this pattern is neutral enough that it would work as a gift for anyone: man, woman, or child! Just choose your fabrics and the rest is easy.

For each block, you’ll need two fabrics. Donna Jordan from Jordan Fabrics uses fat quarters for hers. As with any block, you can use any size squares you’d like.

If you’d like to grab all of the exact materials Donna uses, including the physical pattern, you can buy those by clicking here.

When you have all of your squares, an easy trick is to stack them together before you cut your curve. If you don’t have the purchased pattern, you can create your own stencil to work with so they’re uniform.

Once you finish your cuts, it’s time to stitch it together. Relax. It’s way easier than it “seams”!

The trick to stitching these together is to pull the fabric as you go, first pulling the top piece until about the halfway point, then pulling the bottom piece from the halfway point on.

Seriously, that’s all that’s necessary. This will match up the edges and make straight stitches work for constructing the block. Press it open, and your block is done!

After you’re done with your block, just keep going with that same method, stitch those together, add your border, backing, and batting, and you have a quilt!

What kind of fabrics will you use for yours?