Cupcake Pincushions – The Most Adorable Sewing Accessory You’ll Ever Have


Tenshi Λmy / YouTube


There’s nothing that brings me more joy while I’m sewing than having a really cute and quirky pin cushion to work with.

Over the years, I’ve made a ton of different ones, but none of them have looked like this.


It’s a little cupcake! How cute is this? I just can’t get enough of these, and I’ll use any excuse to make more.

What you’ll need to make this adorable cushion is:

  • A silicone cupcake mold
  • Cotton or stuffing of choice
  • Fabric(s) of choice (she uses white and brown)
  • Needle & Thread
  • A little pattern for the frosting (you can make this yourself by cutting out a rounded flower shape)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Red bead

Use a needle & thread to stitch a small ball of stuffing into the fabric of your choice. Make sure the stuffing will easily fit into your cupcake mold first.

Cut off excess fabric. Shove the ball into the cupcake mold, stitch side down. Stitch or glue the ball into the cupcake mold.

Use your little pattern to cut out the frosting from an additional piece of fabric. Glue it on to the original ball of fabric, in the center.

Thread a red bead on to the center of the frosting to look like a little cherry. Tie it in place, cut off excess thread, and your pin cushion is done!

This little guy is the cutest addition to any sewing room, and I’ve loved making some for my friends, too.

What’s your cupcake gonna look like?