Cross Stitch Tattoos Are The New Inking Trend Everybody Should Know About


evakrbdk / YouTube


Tattoos are gaining popularity in recent years. There are plenty of tattoo styles, but there’s a new style I recently stumbled upon that really interested me.

Cross stitch!


That’s right. Tattoo artist Eva Krbdk, based in New York City, specializes in tattoos that look like embroidery. I’ve never seen ink this unique before, and they look so cool on the skin!

She usually does floral designs with this technique, but she’s also done things like…

… a Storm Trooper,

…A panda,

…A pineapple,

…and even a car!

Eva actually does cross stitching herself, so she takes inspiration from actual embroidering techniques. For most of her tattoos, she doesn’t even outline the design.

Instead of an outline, Eva uses a series of small “x” marks in the shape of the design until she gets her desired effect.

This isn’t the Turkish tattoo artist’s only specialty, but it’s definitely one of the most eye catching. If you want to check out more of Eva’s work, you can check her out on Instagram here.

Would you get a cross stitch tattoo?