Creepy Spiderweb Free Motion Amps Up Any Project’s Spook Factor


Leah Day / YouTube


Do you have any spooky quilting projects you want to finish before Halloween this year? Then you need to learn this free motion stitch!

It looks like a little spiderweb. Perfect for October, and super simple to stitch! Whether you put this on a huge quilt or a tiny table runner, it’s bound to put anyone in the Halloween spirit!


First you’ll need to set a middle point for all of your lines to extend from. Pick out that middle point, mark it with some fabric chalk or whatever else, then you can begin your stitches.

Then, you’ll stitch eight equally spaced lines from that mid point. These lines will be slightly wiggly, as if you’re drawing a lock of hair.¬†

When those lines are finished, this is when the web really comes together. Stitch a ton of little lines in between the wavy lines, almost like you’re drawing the bottom of a boat.

As you get further up the piece, put more space in between the web lines so it gets more of a realistic appearance.

YouTuber Leah Day¬†compares it to being able to write your name in cursive. You can write it small, then increase it in size, but essentially, it’s the same thing.

Once your finish those, your free motion is done. I added a little something extra and appliqued a spider to the web! Watch the video below to get down the basics, then you can make it uniquely yours.

What will you do to make this creepy free motion design your own?