Create A Foolproof Fall Table Runner With One Easy Sewing Staple


All People Quilt / YouTube


Thanksgiving is on its way. If you’re hosting dinner this year, you’ve got a lot to think about. Obviously the food will be on your mind, but decorations and table settings are a must.

You could always buy a table runner, but those don’t have nearly as much personality as a great home-sewed table runner like this one by All People Quilt.


I love this table runner because it adds the exact personality you want for a big family meal: a little kooky, a little crazy, but warm and cozy at the same time.

The best thing about this project is its versatility: it’s fat quarter friendly, and the fabrics can be switched out for any season or occasion.

To build this table runner, all you need to know how to do is sew some half square triangles. Place them right sides together, pin, then draw a line diagonally right across the center.

Sew on each side of that line, then cut diagonally down that line. Then boom, you’ve got two half-square triangles! After you make a ton of those, it’s time to assemble.

Take your squares and piece those together, all of the same colors facing each other to form a “V” shape. Eventually, you piece those together and create the zig-zag shape.

Stitch all of those together, add your batting and backing, and you’re done!

What kind of runner will you use for Thanksgiving?