How to Make Mountain Dew Infused Pickles


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The Craziest Food Combo There Is

Crazy food combinations are all the rage right now. I see the weirdest things being put together, and usually, to my surprise, they end up being pretty delicious.


One of the most unorthodox yet genius ingredients I’ve seen around the internet lately is Mountain Dew. Yup, the bright green soda everyone loves.

Mountain Dew seems to be an ingredient plenty of people are using in recipes nowadays. It’s crazy that everyone’s favorite soda has somehow become the secret ingredient for a ton of foods.

One unexpected food on that list? Pickles. Yup, that’s right, you can use Mountain Dew to infuse pickles, and believe it or not, it’s not half bad. I kind of like them!

If you wanna give them a try yourself, they’re actually incredibly easy to make and you’ve definitely never had anything like it before. Here’s how to make Mountain Dew pickles.

It’s Pickle Time

First, with a jar of pickles, strain all of the liquid into a bowl, leaving the pickles in the jar. In a separate bowl, pour two cups of your Dew of choice.

Then, add one cup of the pickle’s brine to the Mountain Dew. Add 1/2 cup of sugar to this mixture and mix well until fully dissolved. Use a funnel to pour the mixture back into the pickle jar.

Put your lid on the jar and shake it once a day. If you’d like extra coloring, you can always add food coloring as well. This works with any soda flavor.

This easy recipe is definitely the most unique thing you’ll ever try, but I promise, you’ll like it enough that you may make them again!