Craving Uniqueness In Your Quilting Routine? This Project Is For You


Man Sewing / YouTube


Finding unique quilting designs seems to get more difficult every day. Every quilt starts to look the same.

Even when the process differs, trying to come up with something original seems to be next to impossible. Then I found this burst quilt by Rob from Man Sewing.


This is probably one of the most unique quilts I’ve ever seen. Its design is stunning, the colors captivating, and the construction? Surprisingly easy.

To make the blocks, Rob made it super easy by designing a plastic template that quilters can use with a rotary cutter.

You can buy that template here, but if you don’t wish to buy it, you can make a similar template out of a piece of cardboard.

Rob also provides a link to buy the exact fabric in his tutorial here. Any fabric will work for this, just make sure you follow his color organizing chart, which you can find here.

Making the blocks is the “hardest” part of building this quilt, but Rob also prepared you for that with a diagram on how to build the perfect burst block:

Man Sewing /

Mine ended up being various jewel tones, and I love this quilt. It looks so incredible and I can’t wait to give it as a gift!

What colors are you going to use on yours?