Complex-Looking “Playful Pyramids” Quilt Pattern


Man Sewing / YouTube


Sometimes with quilting, you just want to do a couple of stitches and cuts and have all of your blocks done. You don’t want to waste a ton of time arranging or doing complicated designs.

If you want the look of complexity with none of the work, then this is the quilt for you. It’s called “Playful Pyramids” by Man Sewing‘s Rob Appell, and it’s so easy, I could do it in my sleep.


All you need to make this is a large pack of 2.5″ strips. Seriously, that’s it. Use this, and you can make a ton of huge blocks out of it!

Sew together 4 strips at a time, then use a large plastic ruler to cut them into equally sized triangles. Use two different sets of strips, then grab two triangles from each strip set.

Then comes the cool part. Take your two triangles from the same strip set and arrange them so your center points are facing each other.

You’ll notice that there is a gap on each side. This is where the other two triangles from the other strip set will go, points facing each other. Once you sew these four together, you’re done!

Check out Rob’s technique in the Man Sewing video below then get to stitching. This “Playful Pyramids” pattern is beyond fun and oh so easy!

What colors will you use for yours?