Comforting Red Beans & Rice Make The Perfect Weeknight Dinner


Food Wishes / YouTube


Creole Red Beans & Rice

Nothing tastes more satisfying than a nice hot bowl of red beans & rice. If you’ve ever had this delicious dish, you know just how delicious it is, and how easy it is to make!


To make the best beans and rice you’ve ever had, you’ll need to build up the flavors. Chef John from Food Wishes knows exactly how to do this, and it all starts with the right ingredients.

Want to make your own? Gather these things to get started.

To make these red beans & rice, you will need:

How To Make It

A lot of what you’re going to start with is chopping, slicing, and mincing the ingredients. Slice up the Andouille sausage how you like it, and chop the onions, celery, green peppers, and garlic.

Once that’s all sautéed like Chef John describes in his video below, you can add your herbs and seasonings, beans and broth.

Eventually you’l add your ham hock, and once you’ve finished what he describes, you’ll serve it with some cooked white rice.

Check out Chef John‘s video below to figure out the exact methods on how to do this. You can also check out his written recipe by clicking here.