Colorful Strata Flower Quilt Is The Ultimate Spring Sewing Project


Man Sewing / YouTube


Strata Flower

With spring nearly here, I wanted to start working on more floral quilt projects. Most of my floral projects are made with floral fabric, but I wanted to do something a little different: quilting an actual flower.


I found a great tutorial that allowed me to do just that. It’s called a strata flower, and Rob Appell from Man Sewing makes it perfectly in his video tutorial.

The strata is basically made from layers of colorful fabric. It creates a gorgeous end result regardless if you layer the colors to create an ombre or something a bit more sporadic.

Make It

To make it, sew together your strata first by layering the fabric like Rob shows– no cutting necessary. From there, you can cut out the flower petal shape.

Rob achieves the shape by using a template, but you can easily do this by creating your own template or even free-handing it if you have the skill. 

Repeat this process for the leaves, the stem, and the center of the flower. Once you finish this and all of your petals, you’re ready to put the quilt together.

Start by adding fusible interfacing to the pieces so you can iron it on to the quilt. This process takes a bit, but it makes the entire process a who lot easier.

Then, you can put the pieces on your background fabric by ironing it on. Then, you can finish with a top stitch and some free motion if you see fit.

Watch Rob make this in the tutorial below, and then you can try it yourself. I guarantee you’ll have a whole lot of fun making it!