Colorful “Grand Adventures” Quilt Is Much Simpler Than It Seems


Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube


Grand Adventures


There are few quilts I look at and immediately start stitching. Most of them end up in the “oooooh… I really want to do that, but I have all of these projects to get done, first.”

I threw all of my other projects aside and got started on this “Grand Adventures” quilt as soon as I saw Jenny Doan‘s tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Company‘s YouTube channel.

It was simple: made of strips and little triangles, and a ton of color and patterns popping over a simple background. With the tutorial, I had my quilt top done in no time.

Wanna make it yourself? Here’s what you’re gonna need.

Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube

Let’s Get Started

It starts out as simply as making some half square triangles. To make two at once, place two squares of fabric right sides together and mark the exact center. Sew 1/4″ from that center on both sides of the line.

Cut the original drawn line in the center, press the squares open, and you have two half square triangles! From here, you’ll be cutting 4 equal sized strips from each square.

Then comes arranging. You’ll make it look kind of like a saw blade, increasing from smallest to largest, and sew them together. Then you’ll stitch these together to create the block!

For more in-depth instructions, watch Jenny’s tutorial below. Then you can get started on your own!

Good luck!


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