Colorful Crayons: The Quilt Of Your Childhood Dreams


SewVeryEasy / YouTube


One Colorful Quilt

Growing up, I always wanted that giant box of crayons that came with the sharpener. My parents could never afford it, but I’d still dream about it every time I saw it.

Now, as I grew up, I never got that crayon box, but I did recently get the opportunity to get an even bigger box of crayons… by making a giant crayon quilt!


This adorable and easy-to-make quilt shoots you right back into your childhood. Plus, it makes an incredible gift for the little one in your life. What could be better than that?

Laura Ann Coia from SewVeryEasy builds this boxed crayon quilt from scratch, and it really couldn’t be much easier.

Either make templates for each shape, or follow the pattern like Laura does in her video. The main thing you’ll be doing is making some giant crayons out of colorful fabrics.

These giant crayons are made up of a few different shapes: some swirls, some rectangles, a triangle with a tip cut off, and a big black background.

Watch Laura’s video below to get a better idea on how this gorgeous quilt is made. It’s absolutely amazing, and you’ll be wanting to gift this beauty to someone ASAP.

Good luck!