College Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed


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When I was in college, there were a ton of things I wish I bought but didn’t. Now that I’m older, I hope you take my advice: please buy these.

Not only will it make your life a whole lot easier, but you’ll do better in school as a result. From a good night’s sleep, to good hydration and more, this list is a lifesaver.


Mattress Pads/Toppers & Good Sheets

Let’s face it: college mattresses aren’t usually the comfiest. Luckily, you can fix that with a good mattress topper. It’ll add some cushion to the mattress, giving you the good night sleep you deserve.

In addition to this, you’ll want some good sheets. This will add to the comfort of the bed… and be sure to actually wash them, please.

Reusable Water Bottles & Water Filter

You’ll be walking around campus most of the day, and you’ll be in need of water all day long. A reusable water bottle lets you take water on the go whenever you need it.

With a water filter, you’ve got clean water too. They’re also great for the environment… what could be better than that?

Printer & Stapler

Keeping a printer and stapler in your room will be lifesaving for you, especially considering your campus will probably charge you per page to print using their printers.

A stapler lets you put together the assignment and run out the door all from the comfort of your room. Easy!

Ear Plugs & Sleep Mask

While your roommate works, you can sleep. These little guys give you the darkness and the silence you need, whenever you need them.

Disinfecting Wipes, Vacuum, & Stain Remover

Cleaning things up quickly in your dorm is a must, and that’s where disinfecting wipes come in.

Your carpets are gonna get nasty. Just trust me on this, they will. You’ll need a vacuum, and possibly some stain remover when you inevitably spill coffee all over your carpet.

Good Fan

During warmer months, it could get hot in your dorm room. If there’s not an A/C unit in your dorm, a fan is an absolute necessity. It’ll keep you cool and let you continue to focus on the seven papers you have due next week.


For more essentials, check out the video below.