Clever Pumpkin Keg Gets The Party Started This Halloween


TODAY / YouTube


Planning on having a Halloween party this year? Then you need to get a move on learning how to make a pumpkin keg.

That’s right, using a pumpkin to make a keg. It may sound crazy, but it’s finished in just a few minutes and adds the coolest touch to any October gathering.


Here’s how you do it.

All you’ll need to make this is:

  • A large pumpkin (the bigger, the better)
  • A tap (you can usually buy a kit online or even at superstores!)
  • A marker
  • An apple corer
  • A knife or pumpkin carving kit
  • Your drink of choice

First, use your marker to mark around the top of the pumpkin. Follow that guide and cut off the top. Remove all seeds and pulp, then rinse it out.

Using your apple corer, pick the perfect place for your tap and punch out that hole. Then install your tap according to the directions provided with the kit.

Once you add your drink of choice and your pumpkin top, you’re ready to go! 

TODAY created an easy-to-follow tutorial for this pumpkin keg, along with a couple of spooky drink ideas to go along with it!

Wanna learn how to make them? Watch TODAY‘s video below and give them a shot!