Clever Piecing Hack Makes Celtic Knot Block A Breeze


FaveQuilts / YouTube


The Celtic Knot

The Celtic Knot block is one of the most gorgeous blocks you’ll ever make. It takes a lot of pieces, but with a couple of easy tricks, it doesn’t need to be hard.

In fact, these tricks by FaveQuilts make it easy. Just piece together a few different fabrics, and you’ll finish your block pretty quickly. A ton of these blocks make a stunning quilt!


The Materials

First, you’ll need to gather 3 fabrics, then you’ll want to cut them into the following strips:

Fabric A:

  • Two pieces 1.5″x9″
  • One piece 1.5″x22″

Fabric B:

  • One piece 1.5″x9″
  • One piece 1.5″x20″
  • One piece 1.5″x6″
  • Two pieces 1.5″x2.5″

Background Fabric:

  • One piece 2″x9″
  • One piece 2″x15″
  • One piece 4.5″x9″
  • One piece 3″x6″
  • One piece 2″x6″
  • One piece 2.5″x7.5″
  • Two pieces 2″x2.5″

How It’s Done

It may sound like a lot of fabric pieces, but you’ll be building this block in sections, so it makes things much easier for you in the long run.

This block has 4 pieces that make the whole. The middle pieces act almost as a sashing. Start by sewing your 9″ strips together. Cut these into four 2″ units.

You’ll stitch these to your 20″ strip of fabric B. You’ll repeat this on that strip and make 4 units like these. Then you’ll sew these on to your background.

To learn the rest, watch FaveQuilts‘ video below and get going on your own!

Happy Quilting!