Circular Denim Quilt Tutorial


Segovia Quilts / YouTube


Quilting With Denim

Have you ever quilted from old denim? If not, you’re really missing out. It’s such a unique quilt to stitch up, especially when you make the blocks circular. I was stunned to see how easy it was, too!


Segovia Quilts stitches this up in a video tutorial, which you can view below. If you’d like to quilt it up yourself, it incredibly simple. So let’s get started!

Beautiful & Unique

I think what’s so incredible about this quilt is not only that it’s made from denim, but that you can use a wide array of stiffer fabrics to acquire the same results.

Not only that, but the inner fabric can be a fabric you bought for quilting, it could be an old T-shirt, or something else entirely. The idea is you’re getting something completely unique from the same technique.

No matter where the fabrics come from, these circles are incredibly simple to put together. It’s all about overlapping to create a stunning square shape in the folds and stitches.

Watch Segovia Quilts‘ video below for more in-depth instructions on how to create this uniquely stunning quilt top. Add your batting and backing as normal, and you have a real stunner in your collection.

Good luck and happy quilting!