Cheap & Easy Unicorn Emoji Pillow Is Real-Life Magic


Jane Andrade / YouTube


You can find emoji pillows all over the place– I’ve even found some at the dollar store! There’s a limit to what emojis you can find, though.

You’ll find the poop emoji, the heart eye emoji, even the eggplant emoji, but that’s about it.


One of my favorite emojis is the unicorn. It’s a newer one on the keyboard, but it instantly makes everything more magical.

I wanted a unicorn emoji pillow, but the only ones I could find were over $30. Yeah, no, I’ll make my own, thanks.

A quick search on YouTube and I found how to make my own unicorn pillow. YouTube channel DIYLover  has a super cute and easy tutorial on it, and the result looked adorable.

I decided to give it a try and it was super easy.

All you need is white fabric, pillow stuffing, and felt.  To make it stick together, you can use either fabric glue or a thread and needle.

Just fold the fabric in half and cut out the shape of the emoji so there are two mirrored images of the unicorn. You can use a template by blowing up a photo of the emoji and printing it out.

Next, stitch or glue the halves together, being sure to leave an opening for the stuffing.

Stuff the pillow and seal it with glue or stitching. Then you can cut out your felt pieces and glue them to your pillow to make the unicorn come to life!

If you or someone you know loves the unicorn emoji as much as I do, be sure to make this pillow. It makes a great gift and a great bed decoration– it’s a win win!