Cheap Bath & Body Works Inspired Candles Will Make Any Room Smell Incredible


JENerationDIY / YouTube


Bath & Body Works makes some of the most popular candles in the world. They smell delicious, the labels are adorable, and they give any room a warm and cozy feel.

Unfortunately Bath & Body Works candles can sometimes cost upwards of $30.


If you’re like me and you want the Bath & Body Works experience but can’t justify the hefty price tag, you can make your own!

Jennifer with JENerationDIY makes candles that rival the originals, and they only cost about $8 to make.

All she uses to make these are crayons for color, an unscented candle (or candles, depending on how big you want the finished product to be,) fragrance oil, a jar or container, and a wick or wicks.

First, she melts down the wax in a double boiler. Once melted, she adds her fragrance oil of choice.

In her container, she glues her wick down to the bottom and waits for it to dry, balncing the wick by wrapping it around an object like a paint brush.

Once dry, she pours the wax mixture in and waits for it to dry. Then she trims the wick once the wax hardens.

If you want to make it look like an authentic Bath & Body Works candle, print a copy of one of their labels that matches your scent.

Then cover the label with clear tape and stick it to your container. Now it’s ready to light!

If you want to see Jennifer show you how to make the candles in more detail, watch her tutorial below and give it a shot yourself!