“Chantrell Simplish” Quilt Is Just As Easy As It Is Stunning


Shabby Fabrics / YouTube


Simple Yet Spectacular

A simplistic, gorgeous quilt is all a quilter ever wants to make. You want something that won’t make you want to pull your hair out, but something that looks like you went through a lot to make it.


This “Chantrell Simplish” quilt by Shabby Fabrics is just that. You’ll cut some rectangles and some squares of fabrics from the same color family, surround them with a solid sashing, and marvel in it’s beauty.

Tammy from Shabby Fabrics¬†stitches up this beautiful quilt in no time at all. Wanna make it yourself? I don’t blame you. Here’s how you do it.

Stitching It Up

Even though all of your fabrics are going to greatly differ, you’ll notice that all of the squares and all of the rectangles are the same sizes. For the sizes, follow Tammy’s recommendations in her video below.

As for the sashing, that’s all going to be the same size, so stitch the sashing on as you go. Eventually, when you stitch it all together, you’ll have sashed every piece of fabric.

Sew together all of these patches of fabric, and your quilt top is done. Add some batting, a backing panel, and a border or two if you’d like, and the quilt is done.

To get more in depth with this, watch Shabby Fabrics‘ video below. Then, you can get to sewing up your own!