Candy Canes Aren’t Made How You Think They Are


Mykhailo Lukashuk / Getty Images


Candy canes: perhaps the most iconic candy of the holidays. They’re deliciously minty and everything you’d ever want out of a holiday candy.

In a pinch, they make a cute last-minute gift for a big crowd.


They may be kind of an afterthought when it comes to gift giving, but a lot of time, effort, and thought goes into actually making those cane-shaped treats.

I found a video from Country Road TV‘s Small Town Big Deal that shows the inside of a candy cane factory, and just how much goes into making those cute little candies we munch on every year.

With a ton of corn syrup, a ton of sugar (this company, Hammonds, uses local beet sugar), and a little water, it boils down into a thick candy.

Once it’s gotten to a certain point (330 degrees F), it is poured on to a cooling table.  Red dye is added to one corner. It is cooled to 200 degrees, and is now pliable enough to cut in half for final coloring.

It’s cut into 3 globs, and one of the uncolored blobs is stretched on a candy puller while peppermint flavor is added. As it’s stretched, it turns white!

Watching these be made is truly mesmerizing. Watch Country Road TV‘s video below to learn how it all comes together!