Butterfly Embroidery Can Be Done With Just A Comb


Rose World / YouTube


Butterfly Embroidery

Crazy as it sounds, all you need is a comb to make the perfect butterfly out of yarn and beads. You can add these little guys to all sorts of projects, and it’ll take you far less time than you’d ever expect.


A flexible plastic comb with thicker teeth is ideal for making these butterflies. Grab some yarn and decorative beads, and you’re ready to go.

Keep the bead size in mind with whatever yarn you’re using, just so the beads fit on the yarn. In addition, keep the yarn size in mind when you’re buying it as well. You want to make sure it fits your comb!

Weaving The Butterfly

Believe it or not, there aren’t a ton of crazy techniques involved in making this gorgeous butterfly. In fact, if you can wrap yarn around something in a circle, you can do this.

You’ll be working in layers in order to achieve the butterfly wings, moving some of the comb’s teeth out of the way to get the perfect look.

Without the little bead and feelers on the top, it ends up looking like a little layered bowtie, so mix it up and make whatever you want!

Watch the video by Rose World down below and get to making your own butterfly. It’s beyond easy, and once you learn all the details, you can practically do it in your sleep!