Bust Through Your Fabric Scraps With This Genius Quilt Idea


The Crafts Channel / YouTube


Scrappy Quilt

The worst thing about being a quilter is the constant stacking of fabric scraps I seem to always be doing. As much as quilting is fun, it’s always irritating to waste fabric.


Because I hate wasting fabric, I am always searching for as many crafts to use my fabric scraps as possible. One of my favorite projects to do? A fabric scrap quilt!

The best thing about a fabric scrap quilt is the ability to take an enormous number of fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away and turn them into something spectacular.

I’d seen a video tutorial from The Crafts Channel and knew I had to share this method with you. Nothing’s better than busting through a pile of fabric scraps in the eyes of a quilter, am I right?

So without further adieu, let’s get started on making your own. We’ll go through some tips and tricks that makes the whole process super simple, and you’ll have a finished product you’ll be proud of.

Making The Quilt

Jordan Fabrics / YouTube

The biggest thing you’ll need to do to get your quilt ready is to design a block from your scraps. Corrine from The Craft Channel creates a multi-strip design that is simply stunning.

You could always follow her design in the video tutorial below, or you could go as far as to design your own design out of the fabric scraps. The choice is yours!

If your fabric scraps are particularly small, you can use fusible interfacing to iron the scraps on to a piece of background fabric. Trust me– there IS a way to use those scraps.

The fun is in the creativity, so no matter how you end up doing things, it will end up looking incredible. Be sure to use the tutorial below as a reference guide, and happy quilting!

Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube