Brittany Aldean Reveals Tips & Tricks For Scary-Good Halloween Makeup


brittanyaldean / Instagram


Are you in need of the perfect Halloween makeup look for this year? Well, Brittany Aldean may be able to help you out with that problem.

Country superstar Jason Aldean‘s gorgeous wife has some serious skills when it comes to makeup, and that includes some creepy Halloween looks!


Recently, she reposted an old tutorial of hers to her Instagram page of a half skull mask. The caption is a step-by-step breakdown of how she achieved the look, and it’s actually pretty simple!

“A throwback Halloween Makeup look for y’all. Swipe right to see step by step!

1.Start with all white and outline the half skull

2. Draw lines for nose (shade) cheeks and teeth

3. Add shading all around! (I used eye shadow for this step)

4. Add cracks or lines (I used Kat Von D eyeliner)

5. Feel free to add color/glitter. Get creative!”

When the pregnant mother to 10-month old Memphis has a free moment in her busy schedule, she gets creative and absolutely slays with makeup. I’m definitely thinking about recreating the skull this year!

If the half skull mask isn’t your thing, Brittany still has you covered. She actually posted YouTube tutorials on how to make yourself look like a mermaid or a werewolf!

Which one of Brittany’s looks are you most likely to try?